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  About Cine Profiles  

Cine Profiles is India’s first job / work assignment portal for the Indian Film Industry.

The most known, accepted & peculiar fact of the Indian Film Industry is that “Every Newcomer has to struggle in this Industry“. There have been countless stories of how some of the most famous film celebrities have struggled in this industry.

What is most Ironic is that some of the most talented people in the Industry have spent decades struggling, before they got their first break, while some still haven’t.

Even after getting experience, recognition, fame & success, The film fraternity personnel are constantly seen lobbying & excessively exercising their PR skills to get work

It is this dearth of opportunity which is responsible for the vast disparity in the levels of fame & money that personnel from the film fraternity have earned.

It is because of this OPPORTUNITY, which only a few are blessed with, that we see only few celebrities become very famous & very rich. While the rest struggle to even make ends meet.

Cine Profiles has been launched with the sole objective of providing an equitable platform to industry personnel, where they can view projects from film & television production houses & apply for work assignments / job opportunities.

On the other hand, it provides the production houses, with the opportunity to view profiles of Directors, Cinematographers, Sound professionals, Singers, Musicians, Actors, Character artist, writers, lyricists & other film professionals & call them for auditions to carry the selection process further.

Here comes the best part.  “ IT’S FREE ”

If you thought there was a cost to upload your profile, THEN YOU WILL FIND YOURSELF GLADLY MISTAKEN.

We upload your profiles free of cost on our website. We have tie ups with numerous production houses both national & international. Even the production houses with whom we do not have exclusive tie ups, will access our website to select profiles as we carry on an ongoing process to contact production houses across the country & inform them about the talent pool displayed on our website.

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Cine Profiles
We are trying to bring you as much information about the Film Profiles. We have created this page to bring your profiles of people involved in making a song or a movie, bollywood singers, lyricists, music directors, actors, acresses, producers, directors and other artists.
Hopefully this inverviews makes it easier for you to find a solutions in this website that you'll enjoy!
This is what you came for, right? Find the Profession, share it if you like what you see and get!
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